Mori Art Museum

MAM Project 022: Jacob Kirkegaard

20 Sep 2014 - 04 Jan 2015

© Jacob Kirkegaard
STIGMA, 2014
Sound & video installation
33 min. 12 sec.
20 September 2014 - 4 January 2015

Curated by Tsubaki Reiko (Associate Curator, Mori Art Museum)

Jacob Kirkegaard (born 1975, Denmark) creates works on the theme of the human sense of hearing. Capturing sound and vibration as the energy of a place, Kirkegaard makes tangible the sounds of geysers, desert sands, melting icebergs, the ruins of Chernobyl, the inner membrane of the human ear, and other places normally off-limits or inaccessible to most people, and through their sensation, prompts us to recapture the world. Kirkegaard’s new work, created for this show, is a sound and video installation that takes as its subject the natural landscape of Fukushima. Here the effects of the sound, amplified by repeated recording and playback in an idyllic natural setting, coupled with our memories of “Fukushima,” shake the perception of nature we embrace.

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