Mot International

Laure Prouvost

06 Jun - 02 Aug 2014

© Laure Prouvost
Vegetables, 2014
Vegetables and brass plate
plate 8 x 12 cm, shelf 25 x 30 cm
The Meeting
6 June – 2 August 2014

MOTINTERNATIONAL Brussels are pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of Laure Prouvost in Belgium.
Generous and prodigious, Laure Prouvost’s practice combines language and images to create stories that seduce and disturb simultaneously. Exploring the boundaries between fiction and reality, her works are composed of videos, paintings, ready-made sculptures and sound installations. Through the narrative potential of objects and cinematic tropes, Prouvost leaves room to imagine new meanings within mistakes and mistranslations, questioning the norm.
The artist’s films and installations form spaces erupting with materials, colours and textures. Prouvost creates confusion between what is true and what is false, reality and fantasy. With humor, she disrupts our perceptions through fragments of texts, sounds and images to trigger new sensations. The spectator is physically present as part of the work.
The Meeting was especially created for MOTINTERNATIONAL Brussels. The exhibition takes as its starting point Prouvost’s 2014 film How to Make Money Religiously. Presented at the New Museum, New York, earlier this year, Prouvost confronted money and religion, memory and spirituality.

Through a disjointed narrative, viewers encountered characters offering home-made masks and performing obscure rituals.
For The Meeting, Prouvost has turned the space of the film into an installation, inviting her masked characters to convene inside the gallery. They seem suspended in what appears to be an important meeting, examining the trompe l’oeil collages, paintings and screens set in front of them. These threadlike sculptures want to engage us, talk to us about their lives and invite us to participate. In the second room, two videos perform a dialogue, leading us further into a world of complex and poetic vocabulary.

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