Gert Jan Kocken

23 Mar - 11 May 2013

© Gert Jan Kocken
'Fission', 2013
C-print, print on museum glass, frame
134 x 304 cm
But We Cannot Speak about the Atoms in Ordinary Language
23 March - 11 May 2013

Gert Jan Kocken’s work is an ongoing research into the remembrance and visual representation of pivotal episodes in world history.
When these episodes are committed to our collective memory, they form intricate constellations of facts, interpretations, opinions and visual impressions.
This process of memorization is influenced by official chronicles and mass media, which offer clear-cut accounts of inherently ambiguous events.
Kocken critically engages with these accounts, and offers multiple viewpoints that encourage the contemplation of alternative readings and counterfactual histories.