Poesie der Reduktion

17 Sep 2012 - 05 May 2013

Sol LeWitt
Form Derived from a Cube, 1986
Foto: mumok
© VBK Wien, 2012
Minimal, Concept, Land Ar
Curators: Rainer Fuchs, Matthias Michalka
17 September 2012 - 5 May 2013

Parallel to the Dan Flavin exhibition, the mumok will also place its collection of the different reductive-geometrical tendencies of neo-avantgardistic Minimal Art, Color Field Painting and Hard Edge Painting, as well as monochrome paintings from the contemporary European scene. Dan Flavin’s work will thus be placed in an international historical and thematic context. And finally, with works from the collection of post-minimal art and concept art, the consequences and reactions to the program of Minimal Art and geometric abstraction of the 1960s will also be presented.

Tags: Dan Flavin, Rainer Fetting