Push and Pull

06 Oct 2010

© Sarah Pierce
furture exhibitions, 2010

Opening: October 5, 2010–7.00 p.m.

Relating to the performances the participating artists will present new installations, sculptures, videos and sound installations. Allan Kaprow’s iconic performance environment Push and Pull: A Furniture Comedy for Hans Hofmann (1963), from the MUMOK’s collection, is the outset of the presented works and the pro-scenium setting for Sarah Pierce’s opening performance and ensuing installation future exhibitions (performance 5.10.). Push and Pull will present Paul Chan’s and Gregg Bordowitz’s costumes and drawings from The History of Sexuality Volume One by Michel Foucault: An Opera (performance 1.10. + 2.10.), Seth Price’s and Kelley Walker’s video installation Freelance Stenographer (performance 5.10.), Andrea Geyer’s and Josiah McElheny’s blackboard sculpture The Infinite Repetition of Revolt (performance 11.10.), Florian Hecker’s sound installation 3 Channel Chronics (performance 12.10.) as well as deufert&plischke’s site specific interactive installation Emergence Room (ongoing performance 6.10. – 17.10.). Push and Pull is the first in Europe to present the following three video works by Mike Kelley: Bridge Visitor (Legend – Trip), Documentary of Day Is Done Judson Church Horse Dance and Documentary of a Performance with Paul McCarthy and Nakahara Masaya. In relation to the performance series, the exhibition Push and Pull is conceived to present a wide spectrum of exemplary conceptual strategies exploring the relationship between a live performance and its representation as a projection, sculpture or installation in the museum context.

Participating artists
Gregg Bordowitz (USA) / Paul Chan (J/USA) / Lucinda Childs (USA) / deufert&plischke (D) / Andrea Geyer (D/USA) / Florian Hecker (D) / Mike Kelley (USA) / Xavier Le Roy (F) / Josiah McElheny (USA) / Boyan Manchev (BG) / Sarah Pierce (IR) / Seth Price (USA) / Kelley Walker (USA)

Barbara Clausen, Walter Heun, Achim Hochdörfer, Kathy Noble, Sandra Noeth, Catherine Wood

Tags: Gregg Bordowitz, Boyan, Paul Chan, Andrea Geyer, Florian Hecker, Hans Hofmann, Allan Kaprow, Kathy, Mike Kelley, Paul McCarthy, Josiah McElheny, Sarah Pierce, Seth Price, Xavier le Roy, Kelley Walker