Roland Kollnitz

06 Jun - 28 Sep 2008

© Roland Kollnitz
kleiner Trommelwirbel, 2008, Installationsansicht
"Little Drum Roll"

06.06 - 28.09.08
Opening: June 5, 2008–7.00 p.m.

The central motif in Roland Kollnitz’s installation is an aluminum chain hanging above Heimo Zobernig’s White Cube in the entrance hall of the MUMOK. The chain dangles down into the depths of the space, finally ending, appearing to be torn off at its end, in a pile on the bottom floor. On its way down, the chain goes past a sculpture made out of florescent lights and continues on following the architectural setting of the building.
Fragility and precarious balance can be sensed along with the image of an abrupt crashing of the chain onto the stone floor. The title Little Drum Roll is a reference to the temporal and acoustic potential of this otherwise silent scenario, opening up the possibility of language-based associations to the work. A further object on the bottom floor reveals the plasticity and motion of his sculptural design.
With his expanded notion of sculpture, the artist is not only concerned with exploring the relationship between space and art, but also with creating a sensibility for an altered and more conscious perception of architecture. In this way, the tenuous balance of the chain reminds us of the breathtaking position of the cube while adding an 'embellishing accessory' to this minimalist shape.
Precision and an attention to detail are characteristic for Roland Kollnitz’s playful work. He changed all of the florescent lights in the entrance hall in order to create the perfect interplay of light between his sculptures and the architecture of the MUMOK. This intervention in the surroundings of his presentation is an integral part of his own work.
A publication with a text by Rainer Fuchs and an interview with the artist will be published accompanying the exhibition.

Rainer Fuchs

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