Ryan Gander

09 Mar - 10 Jun 2007

Ryan Gander, As Time Elapsed, 2005, Courtesy Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam
Ryan Gander
short cut through the trees

Ryan Gander realises works that place the puzzling, poetic and fictive in the foreground. His interest in narrating and asking questions proves him to be a revitalizer of the tradition in concept art that concentrates on the processual and fleeting, on the role of perception and interpretation instead of on the material and object-oriented. The exhibition will present, amongst other things, 2 room installations: Nathaniel Knows, 2003 and A Phantom of Appropriation, 2006 as well as 4 photo-text works from the series Association Photographs, 2004 donated to the MUMOK by Baloise.

Rainer Fuchs

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