Abstract impressions

29 Nov 2014 - 08 Jan 2015

© Martina Buracchi
South Tyrolean art galleries at Museion Passage
29 November 2014 - 8 January 2015

Antonella Cattani contemporary art – Bolzano, ES contemporary art gallery – Merano, Galleria Doris Ghetta (Ortisei), Galleria Goethe – Bolzano e Galleria Leonardo –Bolzano are five vibrant local galleries which will be presenting the work of artists from the South Tyrol area and beyond. Works on canvas, board and installations by Angela Glajcar, Martina Buracchi, Robert Pan, Arnold Holzknecht and Siggi Hofer interface in the Passage area on the fourth floor, in an exhibition that explores the broad spectrum of abstract art. Continuing in an abstract vein, this exhibition will be accompanied by works from the forty year career of the Merano artist and centenarian Zenzi Glatt.

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