19 Feb - 01 May 2011

Museion is set to host an extensive solo show of VALIE EXPORT. The exhibition, currently being staged at the Belvedere in Vienna and the Lentos Kunstmuseum in Linz, will open at the Bolzano museum of modern and contemporary art on Friday 18 February 2011. VALIE EXPORT (Linz, 1940) is one of the most important precursors of media art. Over more than four decades her wide-ranging artistic career has spanned performances, actions, photography, film, expanded cinema, sculptures, texts and installations. She continues to use an innovative language of form to tackle topical themes such as violence, wounds, the female image and the influences that the physical and social context have on the person. She is known above all for her early works with a powerful feminist stance: over time her “Tap and Touch Cinema” and “Action pants: Genital panic” have become genuine icons in the history of art. The Museion exhibition focuses on the works created in the last 20 years, predominantly in the form of large installations in space. In a perspective of “countertime”, the works hint at issues connected to previous projects, in formal terms or as a conceptual continuation. The show is accompanied by a video programme focussing on the videos produced by VALIE EXPORT in the 1970s.

Tags: Valie Export