Museum für Gestaltung

François Berthoud

Opera House

18 Mar - 29 May 2016

François Berthoud - Opéra 18.3.-29.5-2016, Museum für Gestaltung, Toni-Areal
Opera House
18 March - 29 May 2016

In the entrance hall of the Toni-Areal a 140 m2 wall is reserved for Museum's presentations.

In the past four years Zurich Opera House has built a new visual identity. Each production is represented by a single object, for instance a shoe, a trumpet or a hand-grenade. François Berthoud, one of the most important contemporary illustrators, is responsible for this memorable form of public presence. This presentation brings together reproductions of the first 48 posters that Berthoud has created for the Opera House and offers an insight into this Swiss illustrator’s expressive and highly aesthetic visual world.