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Les Suisses de Paris

Graphic Design and Typography

04 Nov 2016 - 19 Mar 2017

Graphic Design and Typography
4 November 2016 - 19 March 2017

Off to Paris! From the 1950s onward many Swiss graphic designers and typographers followed this call. Many of them achieved important key positions in the French capital: Peter Knapp and Jean Widmer with Galeries Lafayette or Adrian Frutiger in the type foundry Deberny & Peignot. With their modern training, something still lacking at that time in Paris, the Swiss filled a gap. They also involved themselves in teaching. Paris, in turn, offered them an international setting and exciting work. The exhibition shows creations by the most important designers in exchange with their Parisian colleagues and introduces design schools influenced by the Swiss. Visitors can see works from the areas of editorial design, photography, film, advertising graphics, scenography, corporate design, signage, typography and type design.