Nagel Draxler

Stephanie Taylor

07 Sep - 02 Nov 2013

Exhibition view
Piston Toggle
7 September - 2 November 2013

It was, January 10th, 1901–
mud in Beumont
a gusher 100 feet tall
dramatic fanfare,
profound petroleum,
vast personal fortune
and then dusters–
in ways that may not be obvious
to the casual observer.

For Taylor’s fourth solo exhibition with Christian Nagel, over a period spanning more than ten years, many characters from previous exhibitions, as well as many new works, unite here in a shopping mall, to tell a story of a man’s messy pursuits in liquid gold.

Taylor uses rhymes to generate narratives, in this case, a rhyme of “Christian Nagel” as, “Piston Toggle”, the exhibition title. Pistons and toggles are mechanical parts, which occur together in oil derricks. The setting is Texas, where we find pheasants, axes, oil spills, buffalo pelts, and such. The exhibition includes sound, sculpture, photography, silkscreen, and a performance at the opening.

Tags: Al Taylor, Stephanie Taylor