NAK Neuer Aachener Kunstverein

Your Shipment Has Been Dispatched

Nora Turato

12 Feb - 26 Mar 2017

Nora Turato
12 February — 26 March 2017

Greeting: Prof. Dr. Doris Klee, NAK Board
Introduction: Ben Kaufmann
Performance: Nora Turato
Discussion: Nora Turato and Prof. Julia Scher (KHM, Köln), presented by Anna Flitta

In her spoken word performances artist Nora Turato invokes precise observations of everyday life. By the artistically molded speaking of her texts, by rhythm and melody of her speech Nora Turato accentuates the urgency of her sociocultural themes, echoing the here and now. In doing so her performances resemble a tour de force, pressing, provocative and right on target. For the span of the exhibition Your Shipment Has Been Dispatched there will be several intervening performances by Turato, including the opening. In videos and sound recordings Turato preserves, edits and remixes her live appearances. At this juncture the essential dichotomy of performance and documentation is addressed, simultaneously the development of a self-sufficient format constitutes as an artistic process in itself.

Furthermore Turato communicates and proclaims slogans in public spaces via the aesthetic means of advertisement. She diverts analog and digital media from their intended use, thereby abandoning the institutional parameters of the exhibition space. Aesthetic and substance of her messages create an ambivalence between politically correct restriction and autonomous empowerment.

Nora Turato was born in Zagreb in 1991, studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam and at Werkplaats Typografie Arnheim. Currently Nora Turato is resident at the Rijksakademie Amsterdam. In early 2017 she had a series of performances at Kunstwerke Berlin and Your Shipment Has Been Dispatched at the NAK will be her first institutional solo exhibition.

Nora Turato will perform at the following institutions:

14rd February 2017, 8 PM: Autonomes Zentrum, Aachen
15th February 2017, 5 PM: Kongreßdenkmal, Stadtgarten, Aachen
16th February 2017, 7 PM: Dortmunder Kunstverein
17th February 2017, 7 PM: Space Collection, Liège, Belgium
21st Febuary 2017, 7 PM: Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, The Netherlands
22nd February 2017, 7 PM: Kölnischer Kunstverein
17th March 2017, 7:30 PM: Abtei Brauweiler, Pulheim
18th March 2017, 7 PM Greylight Projects, Hoensbroek, The Netherlands
19th March 2017, 3 PM: IKOB – Museum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Eupen, Belgium
23rd March 2017, 7 PM: Bonner Kunstverein

Tags: Gerrit Rietveld, Julia Scher, Nora Turato