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Adrian Paci

18 Jan - 09 Mar 2014

© Adrian Paci
The Column, 2013

The Column
18 January - 9 March 2014

The concept for The Column was born from this exasperated economic strategy, whereby time must be condensed to the point in which delivery coincides with production. En route from China to Italy, a group of Chinese stonecutters sculpt a Classical column. This reflection on the speed with which demand is satisfied constructs the pretext for the documentation of a poetic crossing from east to west. While mirroring a wellknown condition of productive efficiency, The Column has its roots in a poetic intuition: an idea in search of form will only be able to develop at a distance from its origins, much like commercial goods are increasingly conceived in one place and manufactured in another through the elaborate and methodical exploitation of cheap labour seen, in this case, onboard “sweatshop ships”. The homecoming of a monumental element of architecture renders this an ancient endeavour, while the characteristics of the journey integrate it into the current social and economic context.

Adrian Paci
(excerpt from the artist statement)

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