Nassauischer Kunstverein

Students discover contemporary Art 2016

09 - 17 Jul 2016

Bartosz Pawlik, Lebenslinie, 2016
An exhibition project with refugees aged 16-18 years
09 July – 17 July 2016

For the seventh edition of Students Discover Contemporary Art, the Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden, in cooperation with SCHUFA Holding AG, is developing a newsworthy project that will result in a collaborative exhibition featuring 150 refugee minors. The students in the Hessian Culture of Ministry’s language support program INTEA (Integration and Inclusion), will expand upon Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden’s previous exhibition Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)-Intellectual Free Trade Zone, held in early 2016.

The initiator of the project, Syrian-Greek artist Emad Korkis, has worked with these youths to develop their oral language skills to help them navigate in Germany. The class focuses on the formation of a basic vocabulary, which is taught and practiced through creative processes. The students discuss personal and social issues within their classroom setting, with the aim of being able to express themselves without fear. For this, Emad Korkis has developed a series of questions and tasks exploring themes such as Lifelines, My Goals, My Role Models, and the Three Keys to Germany, all of which are creatively interpreted by the students.

The Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden will present the works that have been produced yet as well as many new produtions within a large exhibition. Through this, the Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden wants to continue to support the integration of refugees in the public by creating spaces for meetings and discussions, as well as induce a sense of achievement within the students in order to motivate them on their future paths.

The project series Students Discover Contemporary Art offers youths on the threshold of adulthood opportunities outside of school to work with professional cultural workers to develop their own artistic practices. The series was initiated in 2010 by the SCHUFA Holding AG and the Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden to make an active contribution to cultural education in the Hessian capital.