Nathalie Obadia


16 Apr - 14 May 2011

16 April - 14 May, 2011

Bertran Berrenger
Rada Boukova
Guillaume Bresson
Yann Coléno
Louise Crawford and Stephan Guéneau
Baptiste Debombourg
David Evrard
Thomas Fontaine
Elodie Huet
Shanta Rao
Eric Stephany
Maxime Thieffine

Uncertainty or the rainbow,
the mummy or the poetics of energy
the sublime or the horizon of 2020,
distraction or the banal,
the oceanic feeling or the bête noire,
fantasy or hypertension,
the sleep of reason or the back of the spoon
or the dissonance of winter faced
with the flood compose this bruitist drama.

These artists represent a wide range of practices and do not form a collective, preferring to come together on a temporary basis, a bit like those All Stars bands formed by musicians for an album or a tour. The composition of these artistic Travelling Willoughbies vary in accordance with their invitations, projects and collaborations. They are driven by the desire to create resonances and confrontations that install a dynamic and encourage dialogue and the redefinition of works around a theme. This carte blanche follows the exhibition Invisible ? presented in Paris at the Belleville biennale in 2010.

Tags: Rada Boukova, Guillaume Bresson