Nature Morte

The Science of Speed

06 - 16 Nov 2014

Installation view
Aditya Pande, Asim Waqif, Rajorshi Ghosh & Vishal K Dar
6 - 16 November 2014

A generation of artists today, mostly in their 30s, pay no attention to the boundaries between mediums. For them, painting, sculpture, photography, architecture, video, and music, are interchangeable components to be experimented with in order to make observations about the world today and their experiences of it. Subsequently, their works can have as much to do with design as art, with urban politics as psychology, with environmental issues as with the problems of perception.
Four artists will present new works which will be mixed together into an immersive environment of pictures, objects, lights, colors, and sounds. Part carnival fun-house, part virtual reality, the exhibition will address serious issues while acknowledging that art has become part of the general spectacle of entertainment today. The title of the exhibition, “The Science of Speed,” comes from the French philosopher Paul Virilio and his concept of “dromology,” which refers to how society is structured via the mass media, which Virilio considers a form of modern warfare. The circulation of images and the speed at which they are circulated is what determines the nature of both conflicts and resolutions. The artists in the exhibition appropriate and recycle images and objects with little regard for their original contexts or functions, creating for the audience a flowing field of visual stimulations, rather than any fixed foundations of meaning.
Providing an exo-skeleton for the exhibition, the architect turned artist Asim Waqif will usetarafa as his materials, layering and suspending them in the space to sub-divide it. The structure will be designed spontaneously, its program more organic than premeditated, the architect almost dancing his building into reality. The works by the other artists in the show will be interspersed throughout this structure and the space: Aditya Pande’s quasi-figurative abstract paintings that synthesize the digital with the artisanal; Rajorshi Ghosh’s photo-montages and video that present neutered shreds of both history and nature; Vishal K Dar’s robotic lighting ensembles, crafted out of automotive components sourced from the grey market.

Tags: Rajorshi Ghosh, Aditya Pande, RECYCLE, Asim Waqif