New Museum

Daniel Guzmán and Steven Shearer

19 Apr - 06 Jun 2008

Steven Shearer, Activity Cell with Warlock Bass Guitar, 1997
Double Album
Daniel Guzmán and Steven Shearer
19 April - 6 July 2008

This exhibition is a dynamic visual conversation between Mexican artist Daniel Guzmán and Canadian artist Steven Shearer.

The show’s title, “Double Album,” refers to the exhibition’s related yet separate taxonomy and the bridge that music and a shared generation builds between Guzmán and Shearer’s work.

Both Guzmán and Shearer were born in the 1960s, and their work is rooted in their adolescent aspirations and anxieties; each artist, in his own way, investigates the pitfalls and appeal of prolonged male adolescence. While their respective nations are essential to their identity, Guzmán and Shearer’s work confirms the existence of the international language of popular culture.

Both artists are masters of emblematic autobiography, and their personas inhabit their work as stand-ins for a generation that came of age and shaped their lives with heightened awareness of certain bands, lyrics, posters, and celebrities.

“Double Album” is curated by Richard Flood, Chief Curator.

Tags: Daniel Guzman, Steven Shearer