New Museum

Museum as Hub: The Accords

09 Feb - 01 May 2011

2/9/11 - 5/1/11

“Museum as Hub: The Accords” is a multipart exhibition with overlapping manifestations in Cairo, Eindhoven, Mexico City, New York, and Seoul. The exhibition aims to reimagine the possibilities of working as a “hub,” challenging ideas of agreement, consensus, and shared ownership to create a flexible platform for multiple and simultaneous strands of investigation. At the New Museum, “The Accords” will take place in two parts. The first, curated by Sarah Rifky of the Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, explores the form of an accord as a representation of mutually agreed-upon principles. In the work of Yael Bartana, Dora Garcia, Wael Shawky, and Carey Young, the exhibition considers the symbolic, political, and discursive dimensions of such consensus. Young presents a set of contracts and statements, in which she considers the relationships between artist, audience, and institution. Garcia, based on her previous works on surveillance and the institution, will embark upon a new work for “The Accords.” Shawky presents a series of new works that build upon his Telematch Sadat (2007), a video in which children enact a version of Anwar El Sadat’s assassination and burial in 1981, following his unpopular signing of the Camp David Accords and the Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty. Bartana presents works inspired by her video trilogy called the New Jewish Renaissance Movement in Poland. A program of related screenings and workshops have been organized in conjunction with the exhibition.

For the second phase “The Accords, Part II,” from May 11–June 24, 2011, Museum as Hub partners respond with an exhibition and series of programs at the New Museum. During the run of the exhibition, performances will be presented in one city and streamed to audiences in another, texts published and posted online, screenings shared between institutions, and exhibitions presented to one another’s projects. “The Accords, Part II” is curated by Annie Fletcher, Eungie Joo, Heejin Kim, Tobias Ostrander, and Daniela Pérez.

Museum as Hub is a partnership of six international arts organizations that supports art activities and experimentation; explores artistic, curatorial, and institutional practice; and serves as an important resource for the public to learn about contemporary art from around the world. Initiated by the New Museum in 2006, this partnership includes art space pool, Seoul, South Korea; Museo Experimental El Eco, Mexico City, Mexico; Museo Tamayo, Mexico City, Mexico; Towhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt; and Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Tags: Yael Bartana, Dora García, Sarah Rifky, Wael Shawky, Carey Young