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Anne König and Jan Wenzel

Exposing the Year 1990 or: Displaying a book

15 Sep - 30 Nov 2019

Exhibition view, station urbaner kulturen, 2019. Photo: Nihad Nino Pusija
Exposing the Year 1990 or: Displaying a book
15 September - 30 November 2019

The installation contains contributions by Jan Caspers, Christiane Eisler/ Silke Geister, Gerhard Gäbler, Anselm Graubner, Martin Jehnichen, Harald Kirschner, Alexander Kluge, Andreas Rost and Wolfgang Schwärzler.

If we compare the years 1989 and 1990, it is striking how different their presence is in our collective memory. Even though thirty years have past, most people can quickly recall 1989 and narrate the sequence of events that autumn, often condensing them to a few highly dramatic weeks. By contrast, 1990 seems like a blind spot. Recollections of a year when events came so intensively are hard to make, especially when they have since left ambitions unfulfilled and wounds still open.

The starting point of the exhibition »1990 exposed« is a book project by the Leipzig-based publishers Anne König and Jan Wenzel. Various aspects of 1990 are put under scrutiny in search of their relevance for today. Contents from the book are translated into the exhibition space: Images and voices are combined into hubs of 1990. Visitors are invited to absorb the events of that time and their effects on today's society and to compare them with their own memories. It is a mistake to assume that any of these events are really over. In order to read the present, you have to start at 1990.

station urbaner kulturen

Members of the nGbK have been running the station urbaner kulturen on a housing estate in Berlin-Hellersdorf since 2014. It is a discursive exhibition and programme space and a workplace for collaborations between artists and residents. Other formats include art in local public space, open-air exhibitions and events on the nearby green land named »Place Internationale«.

With this long-term presence on the outskirts of the city, the nGbK takes responsibility for the development of new forms of artistic practice. The station urbaner kulturen initiates interventionistic processes, strengthens social structures and reflects on the future of a district through cultural and artistic engagement.

nGbK project group »station urbaner kulturen«: Jochen Becker, Fabian Bovens, Eva Hertzsch, Margarete Kiss, Constanze Musterer, Adam Page

As part of Berlin Art Week