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The Swan Song Operetta

08 Jul - 13 Aug 2017

The Swan Song Operetta, Show at Sophiensaele 2012, Photo: Christoph Tempel
8 July – 13 August 2017

The Swan Song Operetta was developed and performed over eight years. This summer it will flower into its unabridged self in the nGbK exhibition space. All four acts of the operetta will be rehearsed publicly – as well as performed, exhibited and reflected. It’s about training coloratura against injustice and writing scores for solidarity. During the opening hours the exhibition space is fully accessible to the public, visitors are invited to join workshops and rehearsals for choir as well as sit at the bar and find out about the history and progress of the Swan Song.

Hannah loves Hilaria ... against an iridescent backdrop of ferns, otherness, gossip, opulence, poverty, renovation, eviction, demos, trials, feuds and friendship.
The Swan Song is the story of two families; the Bar and the Gallery, and their struggle to survive great economic changes spurred by gentrification and 'innovation', forcing them to test their commitment to their community and their common survival. Collaboration and independent ambitions clash! Love crosses boundaries of ideology and sidewalks. Plants explode all over a city grappling with urban glorification and decay. The Swan Song asks, is friendship the best insurance? Is Art the right medicine? And it answers with a moody melody... and a grand exit!

The Score follows the classical Operetta structure while integrating elements of Pop music, sound installation and improvised music.

With: Gili BenZvi, Alexandre Chardaire, Martin Ertl, Ulrike Ertl, Tina-Marie Friedrich, Ulrike Fruhtrunk, Angela Grasser, Anne Harnischmacher, Katrin Heidorn, Pip Hill, Irene Hoppenberg, Mirjam Junker, Peter Kisur, Gerda Klingenböck, Peter Kozek, Christine Kriegerowski, Nadja Kurtz, Hila Lahav, Sabine Marte, Liv Rolf Mertz, Eduard Mont de Palol, Keren Ida Nathan, Off, Johanna Olausson, David Permantier/Kunstwerkstatt der Lebenshilfe, gblissproductions, rasch und sch’nell, Juli Saragosa, Skadi Sarnoch, Anna Schmidt, Team of Love, Viola Vivilley, Ruth Waldeyer, Maya Weinberg, The Wedding Band, William Locke Wheeler, Wilder than Some Productions, Hildegard Wittur, Sabe Wunsch a.o.

A songbook will be published by nGbK. ISBN: 9783938515693

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