Nieuwe Vide

No Money, but overtime

30 Jan - 21 Mar 2011

Beautiful Images and Sculptures
30 January - 21 March, 2011

curator: Moritz Ebinger

You are cordially invited to the opening on Sunday January 30 (17:00 till 21:00) in Nieuwe Vide Haarlem, 10 min. walking from Haarlem CS or free parking at Nieuwe Vide.

As recently appointed curator without any budget I would like to show in a first exhibition how appropriate Nieuwe Vide Artspace is for 3- dimensional works of art. I asked the following 13 artists:

Annemarie van Sprang - Banketje Design - Candy Depew - Emo Verkerk - Femke Schaap - Henk Visch - Jos Berkers - Karla Hoeben - Meinbert Gozewijn van Soest - Moritz Ebinger - Rob Scholte - Robin Kolleman - Roland Vos - Ruchama Noorda - Saminte Ekeland - Telka van Dodewaard - Theo Veldema - Zwaan Kuiper

This is what I asked them: “I am looking for sculptures with the proportion of a 9 year old child, but nice and small is fine as well of course, or immense big. Something exiting, poetic, dreamy, anti-rightwing, bizar and beautiful, something like just being in love."

Through the exhibited works the public roams in worlds where a fleet is wrecked, dogs wag their tails at a Spanish dreamtelling cafe. Watching a movie with vibrating stones, images consisting of light and smoke, art history in plaster and death caused by laboured breathing. Sitting on a throne made of spoons and masks from the jungle combined with human skulls and men of bananas, or feeling how Woody Guitry is being hunted by bees in Hungary, or,or, or....

Tags: Rob Scholte, Henk Visch