Nusser & Baumgart

Daniel Man

11 Sep - 14 Oct 2010

© Daniel Man
Installation view
Ohne ende, ohne Titel
11.09.2010 until 14.10.2010

The exhibition title as well as the oeuvre and vita of Daniel Man can be described as being in constant progress and quit of any strict ascription.
The artist who was born in London in 1968 and spent his childhood in China, left his traces all around the world as a graffiti-artist. After finishing his art studies at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste he now lives in Munich.

Nusser & Baumgart is happy to present a cross section of the artist’s versatile oeuvre in the exhibition „Daniel Man. Ohne Ende, ohne Titel“. In the exhibition Daniel Man sets up a room filling and „space reflexive“ staging for which he combines delicate paper cutouts, canvasses, drawings and sculptures in order to create a striking unity of space and works of art. Due to the spatial, situative conception of his installations, the viewer is able to perceive the multifaceted references of his works – not only mentally but also physically.

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