Office Baroque

Aaron Bobrow

12 Jun - 18 Jul 2014

© Aaron Bobrow
Tuesdays Forecast, 2014
remains of printed vinyl mesh, weather stripping, zip ties
dimensions variable
Ventilator Blues
12 June - 18 July 2014

“Most of the day, we were at the machinery
In the dark sheds that the seasons ignored
I held the levers that guided the signals to the radio
But the words I received, random code, broken fragments from before
Out in the trees, my reason deserting me
Oh, the dark stars cluster over the bay
Then in a certain moment, I lose control
And at last, I am part of the machinery
Where are you?”

Out of sight out of mind. A simple idiom, describes the possibility of a solution to a problem. What does not physically manifest, can do no harm. Yet off in the distance deluge threatens.

Aaron Bobrow presents a new body of work, comprised of sculptures made of metal and plastic. They contain repurposed and fabricated materials. Delivery systems become content. Newborn aluminum strainers breathe clean air in and out from the mainframe. Insulation plastic appears exhausted after a long 6 months. While vinyl signage is well past expiration.

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