Overduin and Co

Chinese Box

04 - 31 Oct 2009


October 4th-October 31st, 2009

Opening Sunday, October 4th, 6-8pm

Overduin and Kite presents “Chinese Box,” a group exhibition featuring:

Trisha Donnelly
Vincent Fecteau
Barry Johnston
Seth Price
Amanda Ross-Ho
Paul Sietsema
Kaari Upson

The exhibition title refers to John Searle's symbol processing machine model (1980): the Chinese box, or Chinese room. Searle's argument addresses the distinction between processing information and understanding, emphasizing that highly intuitive or nuanced ideas cannot be communicated through a fixed system. Rather than functioning as a key or umbrella for the works in the show, the title sits alongside the artworks as another point of information to be considered with the works.
It can also be read as relating to the gallery and the situation it sets up between the viewer/visitor and the object of contemplation. The title also refers to the ornamental boxes whose form supersedes any contents the box might hold.

Tags: Trisha Donnelly, Vincent Fecteau, Barry Johnston, Seth Price, Amanda Ross-Ho, Paul Sietsema, Kaari Upson