Palais de Tokyo

Clément Richem

18 Feb - 29 Mar 2015

© Clément Richem
Oasis. 2013
Vidéo, son / Video, sound, 1’ 31’’
Courtesy de l’artiste.
Les Modules - Fondation Pierre Bergé - Yves Saint Laurent
18 February – 29 March 2015

Curator: Daria de Beauvais

For his first exhibition in Paris, Clément Richem (b. 1986, lives and works in Besançon) presents a selection of recent and previously unseen works that explore the relationship between movement and time on small and large scales, between acceleration and suspension. Making and unmaking whole civilizations, worlds and universes in sandcastle proportions, he adopts the gaze of a child, an architect or even a biophysicist in order to generate experiences that resonate mystically. In Room 37 of the Palais de Tokyo, a number of projections display different temporalities. On the walls drawings and engravings form a testing ground while an organic installation, fragile and evolving, stands in counterpoint to these frozen images.

Clément Richem questions the relationship between humanity, nature and matter. Through the media of engraving, drawing, sculpture or video, he focuses his reflection around the processes of construction and destruction inherent in life and creating. In his work, raw or artificial elements oppose each other or merge. The artist highlights their dual ephemeral and eternal nature and creates a universe governed by constant phenomena of regeneration and metamorphosis, documenting them over time.

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