Palais de Tokyo

Le Dictateur

18 - 23 Apr 2013

18 - 23 April 2013

Un homme juste est quand mème un homme mort is a five days long special project (April, 18th– 22th) by Le Dictateur, featuring works, publications, performances in a unique stream.

Every night, starting from 7 pm, a solo show opening is taking place, for which every artist invited is designing a special project. The artists involved are Roger Ballen, Julius von Bismarck, Mattia Biagi and Alberto Tadiello, while Saturday 20th night will be dedicated to the presentation of Le Dictateur n° 4 and to artistic collaborations between Le Dictateur and artists Federico Brugia and Luigi Pane (abstr^ct:groove), invited to design new works together with LD dictators: Federico Pepe and Pierpaolo Ferrari.

Every day, from Noon to 6pm, a bookshop of artists’ zines, independent art publications and the fourth edition of Le Dictateur will occupy the balcony space. Invited contributors include : Jacopo Benassi, Diego Bianchi, Elisabetta Claudio e Sebastiano Mastroeni, Lorenzo D’Anteo, Pierpaolo Ferrari, Diego Indraccolo, Laboratorio Miniera, Matteo e Christian Miccoli, Matteo Nuti, Federico Pepe, Pro Club, Lady Tarin, Francesco Van Straten, Massimiliano Verdesca, Lorenzo Vitturi, Alberto Zanetti, Zoavo/Fontana/Piccinini.


Le Dictateur, the magazine// Le is the highest expression of the dominion of personal will: it is to be thought of as a state, a space where artists, photographers, fashion world protagonists live together, arbitrarily selected and invited. Some are famous, some are extremely famous, some are totally unknown: they earned their citizenship because they have been wanted there, and they each became dictators of their own pages.

Among the others contributors to the first three issues have been: Micol Assael, Roger Ballen, Francesco Barocco, Jacopo Benassi, Lorenza Boisi, Sophie Calle, Maurizio Cattelan, Riccardo Cavallari, Roberto Cuoghi, Martin De Thurah, Pierpaolo Ferrari, Kim Jones, Nadav Kander, Liz Magic Laser, Paola Manfrin, Alda Merini, Federico Pepe, Dan Perjovschi, Luigi Presicce, Lady Tarin, Patrick Tuttofuoco, Arturo Schwarz, Nico Vascellari.

Le Dictateur, the project space // Since 2009 Le Dictateur is also a space in Milan with the same statement of the magazine: in total freedom and lack of rules the artists were called to present a new or custom project for the space: the result are unique event with an extreme spirit.

Le Dictateur Press // Le Dictateur Press is an editorial platform publishing various artists' books and other projects.

Tags: Micol Assaël, Roger Ballen, Francesco Barocco, Diego Bianchi, Julius von Bismarck, Sophie Calle, Maurizio Cattelan, Roberto Cuoghi, Kim Jones, Nadav Kander, Liz Magic Laser, Dan Perjovschi, Alberto Tadiello, Patrick Tuttofuoco, Nico Vascellari