Palais Populaire

K.H. Hödicke

09 Oct 2020 - 05 Apr 2021

K.H. Hödicke in his studio in Dessauer Straße, 1982
photo: Elvira Hödicke
In the early 1960s, the painter K.H. Hödicke (born in Nuremberg in 1938) was one of the spokespeople for a small group of impetuous young lateral thinkers who wanted to revolutionize painting. No sooner had German postwar modernism rejoined the international artistic trend towards the abstract than it revolted against this new doctrine with a revival of figurative painting, which had been declared obsolete. The retrospective K.H. Hödicke, which after its premiere at the Staatliche Graphische Sammlung München is now on view in Berlin, provides insight into an almost inexhaustible artistic oeuvre. The combination of drawing, painting, and sculpture demonstrates that K.H. Hödicke is undoubtedly a modern classic, albeit with a decades-long career that has retained its freshness and relevance.