PAMM Pérez Art Museum

Caribbean: Crossroads of the World

18 Apr - 17 Aug 2014

Yeni y Nan (Jennifer Hackshaw and María Luisa González)
Simbolismo de la cristalización, 1985
Video, 7 min., 1 sec.
Courtesy of Henrique Faría Fine Art, New York
18 April – 17 August 2014

Caribbean: Crossroads of the World will highlight over two centuries of rarely seen works—from paintings and sculptures to prints, photographs, installations, films, and videos—dating from the Haitian Revolution to the present. This exhibition employs an inter-disciplinary approach to advance our understanding of the Caribbean and its artistic heritage and contemporary practices. It focuses on four central themes: Fluid Motions, Counterpoints, Shades of History, and Kingdoms of this World. These interconnected frameworks allow insight into the complex context from which the vital and varied artistic production of the region has emerged, illuminating the multiple histories of the region.

With over 150 objects, Caribbean: Crossroads of the World features a range of diverse media depicting images of and about the region. Artists who have lived and worked in the Caribbean, as well as artists living abroad who responded to the rich visual tradition and history of the area are shown side-by-side. This exhibition mixes historical work by artists such as Jacob Lawrence, Victor Patricio Landaluze, Camille Pissarro, Wifredo Lam, Amelia Peláez, and Armando Reverón, with works by contemporary artists, including Allora and Calzadilla, Janine Antoni, Renée Cox, and Ebony G. Patterson, among many others.

Tags: Janine Antoni, Armando, Wifredo Lam, Jacob Lawrence, Ebony G. Patterson, Camille Pissarro