PAMM Pérez Art Museum

Shadows, Disappearances and Illusions

06 Jun - 21 Sep 2008

© Regina Silveira
Escada Inexplicavel 2 (Inexplicable Staircase 2), 1999. Collection Miami Art Museum
Museum purchase with funds from the MAM Collectors Council. Photo: Courtesy Galeria Brito Cimino

June 6, 2008 – September 21, 2008
Upper Level Gallery

Using various tricks of light, perspective and erasure, the artworks in Shadows, Disappearances and Illusions each short-circuit the connection between the eye and the brain. They make us question what it is we are seeing and make us acutely aware of our role as viewers, allowing us to come away from the experience thinking different thoughts and asking different questions. The experience of art becomes not an affirmation of existing values, but a refreshment of the mind, the eye and the spirit that leads us to view the world around us with new eyes. Artists in the exhibition include Elizabeth Cerejido, Joseph Cornell, Magdalena Fernandez, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Mark Handforth, Oscar Muñoz, Maria Martinez-Cañas, Regina Silveira, and Lorna Simpson. Among the exhibition’s highlights will be specially commissioned installations from several Miami artists, including Tom Scicluna, Matt Schreiber and Wendy Wischer.

Shadows Disappearances and Illusions is organized by Miami Art museum and curated by Assistant Director for Programs/Senior Curator Peter Boswell. It is supported by MAM’s Annual Exhibition Fund.

Tags: Joseph Cornell, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Mark Handforth, Maria Martinez-Cañas, Oscar Muñoz, Regina Silveira, DJ Simpson, Lorna Simpson