Parra & Romero

Amaya Gonzalez Reyes

09 Apr - 19 Jul 2008

© Amaya Gonzalez Reyes
Installation view
"Yo Gasto"

09.04.2008 - 19.07.2008

Pilar Parra & Romero gallery is pleased to open a new space for young artists “THE BACK ROOM” with the exhibition “Yo Gasto” (I spend) by Amaya Gonzalez Reyes.

I spend, you spend, he spends, she spends, we spend, they spend. From the unwanted cents to the budget that doesn’t reach the end of the month.

Amaya Gonzalez Reyes uses them as working material, rescuing them from their worn out lives. She puts them into circulation with a new artistic value. She proposes a reflection with an unusual commercial strategy. White, labelled and signed canvas transferred from shopping tickets though an artistic manoeuvre, they regain their value and try to recover the price stated. Amaya Gonzalez collects every ticket from her expenses. For half a year, from October 15th to March 26th she keeps records for every purchased item.

Laminated objects ready to use, exchangeable items offered to the art market as a critic proposal for buying and selling.

To value the daily life of a young artist is the starting point for designing a personal space based on our expenses moving forward to the intimacy that debates between our autonomy and the mortgage..