Parra & Romero

I Got a Break Baby………..

15 Feb - 31 Mar 2010

Installation view
I GOT A BREAK BABY...........

15 Feb – 31 Mar 2010

Stefan Brüggemann
CIRCUIT. Centre d’art contemporain
Mathieu Copeland
Marcel Duchamp
KBB, Kültur Büro Barcelona/Buenos Aires
Hard Hat, Genève
Villa Magica Records
Amaya González Reyes
Diego Santomé
Gary Webb

I GOT A BREAK BABY... is a project that DOES NOT attempt to relate music with art in a comparative or referential way, but as a sensorial vehicle that leads the listener to a visual radiography about, in this case, various agents that compose the artistic structure, as art centres, artists or curators from different generations and who don’t necessarily have a referential link with music, even though many of them do.
10 individual playlists where the spectator can listen and select different kind of sound pieces selected by this exhibition’s guests whose final result arrive to the public through sensorial encounters and associations created by the unconscious.

Tags: Stefan Brüggemann, Marcel Duchamp, Diego Santomé, Gary Webb