Peres Projects

Wild Style: Exhibition of Figurative Art

10 Jun - 05 Aug 2016

Exhibition view
10 June - 5 August 2016

Peres Projects is pleased to present Wild Style: Exhibition of Figurative Art, a group exhibition exploring depictions of the human figure by contemporary artists and unidentified African artists active from 200 BC to the present. Wild Style invites the viewer to experience the exhibition in a horizontal as opposed to a vertical manner, where contemporary works of art stand as equals with works from different cultures and periods.

The works on view highlight the invisible link that exists between the mind of the 21st century artist and the minds of artists of prior generations. However, this shared affinity is not to say that the works are actually connected in one way or another. On the contrary, at times the distance may be more profound than the shared affinities between these works and artists, yet by pairing them we may gain new understandings about ourselves, and our fascination with the human form.

A fully illustrated catalog will accompany this exhibition.


Dan Attoe
Brian Calvin
Alex Da Corte
Cécile B. Evans
Mark Flood
Donna Huanca
Dorothy Iannone
Melike Kara
Dwight Mackintosh
William J. O’Brien
Athena Papadopoulos

Major works of classic African sculpture:

Bamana or Mossi, Mali or Burkina Faso
Dan, Liberia/Cote d’Ivoire
Eket, Nigeria
Igbo, Nigeria
Ijo, Nigeria
Kaka, Nigeria
Mumuye, Nigeria
Nok, Nigeria
Ogoni, Nigeria
Teke, Democratic Republic of Congo

Tags: Dan Attoe, Brian Calvin, Alex Da Corte, Cécile B. Evans, Mark Flood, Donna Huanca, Dorothy Iannone, William J. O'brien, William J. O’Brien