Peter Blum

John Beech

17 Mar - 05 May 2007

March 17 to May 5, 2007

That and This: New Work
Opening Reception March 17, 6-8pm

John Beech creates objects that fuse aspects of utility and abstraction, juxtaposing industrial materials with dispensable objects and conflating seemingly unrelated qualities: abstraction and functionalism. Flexibility and spontaneity are crucial to his practice, as he deliberately embraces accidents and obstacles that arise during fabrication and thinks of them as opportunities for artistic potential.

Beech's new exhibition consists of large scale sculptures, such as Foam Block, 2007, where he encases a yellowish found foam block in plexiglass and adds strips of silver taping, and a series of Coated Drawings, where the artist continues his interest in blurring pictorial and art historical categories by painting over large-scale black and white photographs of urban environments. Additionally, in the front gallery a series of smaller sculptural objects, Turning Discs, Turning Objects, and Paint Rag Cases, will be on display.

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