Pilar Corrias

Coded Conduct: James Bridle, Lea Cetera, Anne Imhof, Edward Thomasson

12 Apr - 10 May 2013

Anne Imhof, still from Concert for Dancers sixth of at least four, 2012, HD video, 13’, live score. Courtesy of the artist.
Unified in its exploration of the orchestration of behaviour, Coded Conduct offers multiple viewpoints of what it means to perform. This cross section of recent experiments in and around performance examines the tension between the visible and the unseen through multiple explorations of the opacity of behaviour. The exhibition will open with a presentation of School of the Seven Bells 3rd of at least three (2013) – Anne Imhof’s first performance in the UK. This act of non-verbal communication embodied in movement is presented in dialogue with Lea Cetera’s questioning of performance and role-play in a self-referential art historical context, and Edward Thomasson’s exploration of non-theatrical performance in the social realm. The exhibition is punctuated by a presentation of James Bridle’s ongoing investigation of the invisible operations of the technologies of drone warfare and assassination.

Tags: James Bridle, Lea Cetera, Anne Imhof, Edward Thomasson