Pilar Corrias

Tala Madani: Shitty Disco

05 Oct - 11 Nov 2016

Tala Madani, Shitty Disco, 2016
Pilar Corrias is proud to present Shitty Disco, a new body of paintings by Tala Madani and her fourth solo exhibition at the gallery.

Inside Shitty Disco a penis projects a cave-painting. Other figures project mise-en-scenes from their assholes. ‘Front projections’ demonstrate life, creativity and desire, while ‘rear projections’ refer to themes of death, digestion and ending . A litany of men appear as fae- cal supplicants, disco-dancers and babies. Shitty Disco is Tala Madani’s metaphysical nightclub—a super-natural space of ecstatic reverie and nightmare—and a place for Madani to play with archetypes of art-making, technology and consciousness.


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