Platform China

19 Solo Shows About Painting

12 Mar - 31 May 2011

This is Platform China Contemporary Art Institute’s first annual exhibition project. The show features 19 solo shows of artists whose artistic medium is painting. Every artist will complete and display his invidual work in his individual space. Each show will have its own title, theme and the artist’s curatorial and personal individual statement. This project thus is an exhibition persenting 19 individual language systems.

Bi Jianye --- Indestructible
Huang Liang ---Deep Sorrow
Jia Aili --- The nothing of pure emptiness
Jin Shan--- A Living Dog Is Better Than A Dead Lion
Liao Guohe --- Shameless
Li Qing --- A Note—Fontana in His Later Years
Liu Weijian --- Adaptability is the strongest
Lin Yen Wei --- Just like the way you are
Ma Ke --- Ethics and friendship improve one’s life
Qin QI --- Blue Shoelace
Qi Wenzhang --- Your Are My Four Seasons
Sun Xun -- Imperial Theory of Evolution
Sun Wen --- The sound from strange place
Song Yuanyuan --- Negative Room
Wu Guangyu --- Skillfully one thing for another
Xiao Bo --- Unexpected
Xiao Jiang ---- Empty Scene
Xu Ruotao --- Basic metabolism office
Zhou Yilun --- Ah!

Tags: Liao Guohe, Ou Jin, Lu Liang, Lu Qing, Li Qing, Li Shan, Lin Yen Wei, Liu Weijian, Sun Xun, Zhou Yilun