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Shouting truth – A contemporary art exhibition

10 Mar - 15 Apr 2007

Chen Wei created a photographic series, entitled ‘Sand and Nobody'.

He shows us the madness of a resident whose head is covered by a feeble fantasy and a pondering steam (see picture attached). It's about these people, living in nameless places, owning not a thing in the world. Or maybe, yes, there is dust; they own dust. They even use sand to measure the land. You can find dust everywhere, in the rays of light, attached to their faces, still yet we are unable to calculate this.
‘A Sublimative Memorandum' is the title of the 3 channel video installation from Cheng Ran. It is a story about sublimation, a process wherein matter, under specific circumstances, changes from a solid state directly into a gaseous state. Its about him....about her...about family....about love...about pliancy.....about privilege...about posture....about knowledge.....about pleasant sensation...about rupture...about words...about silentness...about connections...about suggestions....about concerns....about details...about ideals...about daydreams...about nobleness....about impurity....about blending...about rejection...about life...about alimentation...about cowardness......about possessions...about a moment...about rank...about the system...about willpower...about the right system...about social class...about materialism...... it is colourless, tasteless, and pure, without temperature or water-solubility... it is about a spiritual attitude towards ‘matter'.
Jin Shan is a man of few words, but he makes works which are very striking and memorable. For ‘Shouting truth', he made one videoinstallation work ‘Portraits of Five Gleaners' and an video‘Hanging Fresh'. It wants to show human instinct to live in an abnormal situation, a kind of reverse scenario. It represents the conflicts and collisions of a group's existence in this society, the struggle to live. The expression of the image confronts a kind of societal asphyxia, encouraging the audience to consider the suffocating weight that society imposes upon life.
Liu Weijian explores his surroundings through a soft colour pallet of compelling acrylics. He notes that the principle of narration is always a displacement between spirit and reality. Everything in the universe is linked together, and all the different elements influence one another. Things keep growing because of our questioning.......
Shouting truth – A contemporary art exhibition

Artists: Tang Yi, Chen Wei , Cheng Ran, Jin Shan, Sun Xun and Liu Weijian.

Opening Party: 2007 March Saturday 10 th , 3 pm

Exhibition Time: 2007.3.10 – 2007.4.15

Venue: Platform China Main Space A and B

Organizer: Platform China Contemporary Art Institute

Introduction :

Platform China is happy to present “Shouting Truth” , an exhibition with newly produced works in situ; created and curated by a collective of young artists from Hangzhou and Sichuan .

Through various forms of media, ranging from video, installation, photography and painting, they "argue" in an unconscious manner with the restless society, implying a return back to the essence and shouting out truth.

Tags: Po-i Chen, Ou Jin, Cheng Ran, Li Shan, Chen Wei, Liu Weijian, Sun Xun