Centre Pompidou

Cosmopolis #1

18 Oct - 18 Dec 2017

Photo credit : © Arquitectura expandida, Bogota, 2016
18 October 2017 - 18 December 2017

Curator : DDC, K. Weir, C. Ferreira, C. Dinhut / Mnam/Cci, C. David

The Centre Pompidou presents the first edition of “Cosmopolis”, a new platform for the exploration of artistic practices based on the gaining and sharing of knowledge and nourished by their engagement with the social, urban and political issues of today. “Cosmopolis #1” looks at collaborative practices and artists collectives, in Asia, Africa and Latin America more particularly. The exhibition includes screenings, installations and performances of new works. At its heart is a programme of live events that seeks interaction with the public: discussions, talks, readings, debates and performances.

The question of the cosmopolitanism is central, the artist being seen as an explorer or seafarer opening up routes between situated knowledge and cultural boundaries, the producer of new knowledge. In a context of accelerated mobility, migration and cultural contact, these citizen-artists explore modes of engagement with difference and open up spaces of cosmopolitan imagination. The event includes research, mini-residences, debates and discussions, exhibitions and publications, bringing greater visibility to a new geography of contemporary art and to artistic practices based on research, rooted in a local context while connected to a wider network, and concerned with issues of cultural translation. The mini-residences of two to four weeks at the Cité Internationale des Arts offer the artists the opportunity to develop a work or other project to be presented in the context of “Cosmopolis”.

Vietnam’s Art Labor group invites visitors to its “hammock café” to enjoy a Vietnamese filter coffee, derived from the robusta widely cultivated on the ancestral lands of the Jarai people. In this space of sharing and communication, a video traces the stages of the cycle of life and death according to Jarai cosmology, juxtaposing to this reflections of the plantations and industrial agriculture introduced by the French colonists. Indonesia’s Ruangrupa proposes to “parasitise” the Centre Pompidou, using materials recycled from previous exhibitions to produce a structure housing a library and resource centre. PorEstosDías, a group of young artists from Medellín in Colombia, will present its project “La Faltante”, a collective hand-drawn magazine. The seven existing numbers will be exhibited while two new numbers will be created in the course of workshops run as part of “Cosmopolis”. Chimurenga, a collaborative research and writing project based in South Africa will stage a reading and discussion at La Colonie, the restaurant-cum-art-space founded by artist Kader Attia, which hosts exhibitions, discussions and performances.

Tags: Kader Attia, RECYCLE, Ruangrupa