Centre Pompidou

Ernest Mancoba

26 Jun - 23 Sep 2019

Ernest Mancoba
Painting, 1951 (détail)
Stellenberg Collection, Cape Town © Courtesy of the Estate of Ferlov Mancoba
26 June - 23 September 2019

An artist, writer and thinker, Ernest Mancoba lived through the whole of the 20th century. For the first time in France, this exhibition showcases this path erased by racism. Both thematic and chronological, the exhibition retraces Mancoba's deepest concerns; the importance of appealing to the subconscious and formulating the unsaid; the need to return to the spiritual root of society and a faith in the materialistic, Marxist-like transformation of society.

The Centre Pompidou continues its work of shedding light on non-Western artists. Married and sharing the same Parisian studio, Ernest Mancoba and Sonja Ferlov Mancoba were exiles in Paris for almost all of their respective careers. In homage to the scope of their indissociable and singular practices, they are showcased in two distinct spaces.

Ernest Mancoba was an artist, writer and thinker whose life spanned the whole of the 20th century. After fleeing to Paris from the apartheid in South Africa, he was interned in a labour camp during the war by the Germans. After the liberation, Mancoba and his wife, Sonja Ferlov, moved to Denmark for five years. Through their friend Asger Jorn, they we... Read more

Alicia Knock, curator, Musée National d'Art Moderne, Centre Pompidou,
Exhibition Curator

In Code couleur n°34, may-august 2019, p. 32-33