Centre Pompidou

Roee Rosen

Histoires dans la pénombre

27 Jun - 29 Oct 2018

Roee Rosen, « The Dust Channel » (extrait), 2016
© D.R
Histoires dans la pénombre
27 June – 29 October 2018

This two-part project reveals the multifaceted work of artist, writer and film director Roee Rosen (Rehovot, 1963). The exhibition "Histoires dans la pénombre" presents two major works – The Blind Merchant (1989-1991), an alternative version of Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice told by a blind usurer and Vladimir’s Night (2011-2014), a political treatise on the dangers of fetishising an object – accompanied by a more recent film, The Dust Channel (2016), an operetta on purification in all its forms. A retrospective of his films entitled "Sweet Sweat" also highlights the irony, or rather agility of Roee Rosen's pieces on History, transforming fiction into a polemic space for current political questions.

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