Jonas Burgert

10 Sep - 29 Oct 2010

© Jonas Burgert
Title: Trug - Year: 2010
Oil on canvas
70 x 60 cm
10 September - 30 October, 2010

Jonas Burgert had his first solo exhibition at Produzentengalerie Hamburg in 2006. This fall, we are pleased to announce a second solo exhibition with new works by the artist.

In his paintings Jonas Burgert designs bizarre visions of human existence. The protagonists of his works are humans, animals or chimerical creatures: figures with masks or grafted skulls, naked ones with bandaged heads or headless men in suits, who find themselves in the depth of a huge, apparently sacral factory hall or are arranged around a “crater of colours”. They are all part of a strange visual world which is accessible and inaccessible at the same time.
Fragments of past and present realities form a dramaturgically elaborated snap-shot. It is not supposed to be the cohesive depiction of an action but rather a pictorial composition designed by using several set pieces. By the means of an interplay between absorbed dark, sallow white and bright coloured shades respectively an increase of this tense atmosphere is achieved.

Inevitably, the picture language in Burgert’s works with its expressive, grotesque gestures is reminiscent of that of the late Renaissance and Mannerism. At the same time the subject of the transcendental, that is referred to in Mannerism, is inherent in Burgert’s paintings. As Elisabeth Domanski puts it, Jonas Burgert‘s paintings are „studies of and in frontier crossings: frontier crossings between nature and culture; between different times and spaces; between inside and outside; between human and animal; between life and death ...“

Jonas Burgert’s works are represented in important national and international private collections, as well as in major museums such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver and the Hamburger Kunsthalle. His works have both been shown in numerous group exhibitions and in the solo exhibition ‘Enigmatic Narrative‘ at the MCA Denver. During the next months his paintings will be shown in two solo shows: ’Lebendversuch’ at Kunsthalle Tübingen (11.12.2010 – 06.03.2011), Kunsthalle Krems (Spring 2011).

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