Ulla Von Brandenburg

30 Jan - 14 Mar 2015

© Ulla von Brandenburg
Installation view - Year: 2015
Photo: Peter Sander
Zuvor wie Vorher
30 January – 14 March 2015

The artist, Ullla von Brandenburg (*1974), is working at the interface of visual arts and theater. Over the years, her work has advanced into a complex and very characteristic oeuvre. In her movies, drawings, performances and installations, she applies theater's methods and approaches as she deals with social and historical questions.

In her solo-exhibition, »Zuvor wie Vorher«, at Produzentengalerie Hamburg, the Paris-based artist combines a large-scale textile work, recalling a quilt elaborated with vivid colors. Presented as well are watercolors, she has painted on the reverse side of old maps and three new objects from metal and cords.
Essential motifs in the exhibition and in the work of Ulla von Brandenburg are the mirror, ribbons or strings. Both types of forms are applied using various techniques and probe the reality-levels between appearance and reality. The ribbon or the string can be taken as a multifaceted metaphor for relations and connections; beginning with “Ariadne's thread” from Greek mythology to the baroque symbol, serving as the connection of two worlds – this life and the hereafter. The mirror itself is a recurring allegory for fine arts and performing arts. Therefore, the theatrical attributes can be understood as an image reflecting the reality of our lives.

The motif of the mirror is formally present in the diptychs of the exhibition where it is shown as mirrored images paired together. An example of this is the bright red textile work »Zwei Schürzen« (2015) which involves the doubling motif of two garments. The latter are found objects that show traces of heavy use and recount from physical labor, originating from foreign, alien times.
The diptych »Sich schminkender Mann 1/2« (2015) depicts on each tableau a male with a mirror in his hand, slowly transforming himself into a woman. Also with the watercolors »Schauspieler« (2015), »Zwei Männer, Wolf, Affe« (2015), and »Männer mit Affen und Bär« (2015), von Brandenburg reflects on the subjects of role playing and masquerade.

Ullla von Brandenburg’s work have been internationally on display. Amongst others, she has been represented in 2009 at Biennale di Venezia, in 2011 at Lyon Biennale as well as Sydney Biennale in 2014. She has had museum exhibitions at Tate London, Witte de With, Rotterdam, at MAMCO, Geneva, and the Secession, Vienna.

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