Karin Suter

Karin Suter
1979 born in Dornach, Switzerland
Lives in Rotterdam, Netherlands

2001– 2004 Master of Fine Arts, FHBB HGK Basel, CH
2000- 2001 Foundation Course, HGK Zürich, CH


Prizes / Residencies

2006 1st price Canton of Zurich Competition for the restoring of University of Zurich
Christoph Merian Fondation
Residency in Bejing, China

2005 Alexander Clavel Foundation Price
Christoph Merian Fondation
Residency in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Solo Exhibitions

2008 Mixed Intentions, Goldenes Kalb, Aarau, CH
Myriade, Freymond-Guth & Co., Fine Arts, Zurich, CH

2007 Oscillations, Beijing Imperial City Art Museum, curated by Huan
Yen and Zhao Shulin, PRC

2006 Les Complices*, Zürich, CH
KUNST 06, solo presentation at stand of Freymond-Guth & Co., Zurich, CH

2005 Hoffmann - La Roche, Basel, CH
Tony Wuethrich Gallery, Basel, CH
(with Karin Schwarzbek & Indra)

2004 Ahôj, Filiale, Basel, CH
Nebenerscheinung, Installation, Cargo Bar, Basel, CH

2003 en route II, Les Complices*, Zürich, CH
en route I, Wagenmeisterei nt/Areal, Basel, CH

Group Exhibitions

2008 Art of Inhabitation (Part II), Pictura, Dordrecht, NL
Walking On Thin Ice, Artnews Projects, Berlin, DE
Young and Beautiful, Kunstraum Riehen, Riehen, CH

2007 Surge 1, Dashanzi Art Festival, Beijing, China, PRC
Artists Network, Guangzhou, China, PRC
Surge 2, Shanghai Art Center, China, PRC

2006 Selected pieces of the Roche Collection, Tingeuly Museum, Basel
If on a winter’s night a traveller, Freymond-Guth & Co, Zurich
LISTE 06, Basel, CH
Swiss Art Awards, Basel, CH
Auswahl 06, Kunsthaus Aarau, CH

2005 Auswahl 05, Kunsthaus Aarau, CH
Re:port, iaab-choices, Brasilea Foundation, Basel, CH
Villa Wenkenhof, Riehen, CH
Large Scale Project, Stichting Kaus Australis, Rotterdam, N

2004 Auswahl 04, Kunsthaus Aarau, CH
Regionale 5, Kunstraum Riehen, CH
SchweizerDurchSchnitt, Projekt, Salon Beige, Berlin, DE
Diplomaustellung FHBB HGK, Kunsthaus Baselland, Muttenz, CH
Nebenerscheinung, Installation, Cargo Kultur Bar, Basel, CH

2003 en route II, Les Complices*, Zürich
en route I, Wagenmeisterei nt/Areal, Basel
Video Orchestra,Laurenzbau, Kunsthistorisches Institut Basel

2002 Las Vegas, (with Katja Loher, Barbara Reichen), Wagenmeisterei nt/Areal, Basel
Psychomètre - propositions scéniques, Théâtre de l`Usine, Geneva
Flipper, Audio-Lichtinstallation of eclipse, Regionale 3, Kunstraum Riehen BS


Canton of Baselland
City of Zurich
Canton of Zurich
City of Basel
Hofmann- La Roche Collection, Basel
Private Collections in Switzerland, Germany, Netherland, Israel