an Appointment: Location > Alexanderplatz UBahn >Tues, 27 Jan > 18:00

27 - 28 Jan 2009

This is your latest minute notice to our meeting and appointment. Please come to Alexanderplatz station, the platform of the U8 line, between Le Crobag bakery and the Presse + Buch shoppe. 18.00 is call time, this appointment will last from 10 to 30 minutes.

All are invited, and bring as many companions or co-players as you like. Please make sure that everyone reads the instructions fully before participating.

Time: Tuesday, 27 January at 18.00
Location: Alexanderplatz station, platform of the U8 line, between Le Crobag bakery and the Presse + Buch shoppe.
Materials to Bring: photographic camera, digital or film okay
After Appointment: For those of you needing more closure, there will be a get-together drink at Babette (Karl-Marx-Allee 36) from 19:00. We will also use this as an opportunity to begin downloading photographs into one archive.

You are requested to document this appointment, in and of itself, as a time and place predetermined, just an appointment. When you arrive to the chosen location, simply take out your camera and photograph the site. You may choose any angles or details (objects, the space, people, etc.) which interest you (so long as you are not directly disturbing others present). Please take as many photos as you like, flash or no flash. If you see others also photographing, please do not stop to make conversation. No one knows each other. It should seem as mere coincidence that many are stopping to take pictures.

There is a group involved in this event, and people you may meet via this doing, but this is an attempt for a shared moment left as is. After you are finished documenting it, please continue along your way (or meet later for After Appointment).

Please e-mail your photos by Sunday, 1 February, to These images will be collected and archived, and you will be credited as a co-creator of the "Archive of the Appointment", to be documented online with the final research papers of the PUBLIC project.

An Appointment is part of the continuing PUBLIC research project by Elaine W. Ho and Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga. Organized as a daily series of experiments, interventions and discourses, PUBLIC aims to examine the potentiality of latency and open spaces made possible in the relations between individuals and publics. Other activities are posted online at Some are open invitations to all, others are unannounced interventions in different locations throughout Berlin. Please check the website for further details.