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01 Oct - 11 Nov 2006

installation view
installation view
Lucy Wood
David Haines
David Haines, ‘Osiris’ Ascent and Fall’ 2006
pencil, mosquitos and blood on paper, 77 x 55 cm
Marc Bijl
Cristian Andersen
Cristian Andersen opens with Upstream on the September 30, 2006, its exhibition space Artnews Projects at Brunnenstrasse 190 in Berlin-Mitte. The non-profit organisation creating the online platform expands from the internet to start its experimental platform for emerging contemporary art - in a tight cooperation with artists, curators and international partners of the website.

The first exhibition with Cristian Andersen, Marc Bijl, David Haines und Lucy Wood is curated by Nieck de Bruijn from Amsterdam.

Cristian Andersen’s work is often situated in the borderland between civilization and nature, in an urban no-man’s land and in deserted places at city fringes. Andersen combines these settings with current, as well as historic symbols. The melancholic, romantic and sometimes surrealistic compositions find their form in detailed drawings, as well as, in computer-manipulated photographs and sculptures.

The works and interventions of the Dutch artist Marc Bijl are based upon social issues and their use of symbols and rules. This can result in interventions in the public space, sculptures or installations that undermine or underline this perception of the world. Whether it’s Politics, Religion, (anti)Globalization, or the art world itself, Marc Bijl wants to attack their superficial image or myth. He takes icons of (recent) art history and mixes it with sub cultural movements such as gothic, punk and anarchism.

British artist, David Haines, creates contemplative and obsessive drawings, songs, and videos to connect with the unfamiliar -- he offers personal representations of the anonymous figures central to his voyeuristic pursuits, he locates poetic contexts in ambiguous texts drawn from online forums and, through his observations, seemingly banal scenarios prove to be extraordinarily multifaceted. Haines knows there is always more than meets the eye, and he invites audiences to join him the search for that which lies beneath the surface.

Lucy Wood presents at Artnews Projects an installation about the life of the convicted British Serial Killer Mary Ann Cotton in a family-tree construction. Documented in Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates of herself, several husbands and children, all poisoned with Arsenic. This piece starts with her first Marriage Certificate and finishes with her Death Certificate by hanging in 1873. Mary Ann Cotton was the last women to be hung in Britain.

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