Cinema Cavern

24 Jun - 24 Sep 2007

P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center presents Cinema Cavern. Taking its title from Robert Smithson's drawing, "Towards the Development of a 'Cinema Cavern'" (1971) this program of small gauge films and videos is presented "truly 'underground'" in the museum's Vault Gallery. This exhibition is on view starting Sunday, June 24, 2007.

Dubious documentaries, impossible locations, and the tendency to unbury difficult stories could roughly describe this selection of works, which individually resist categorization, as well as placement within traditional theatrical or exhibition contexts. Their compilation within the spatial confines of a subterranean vault also requires slowing down, and poses opposition to the predominant cultural pace represented, for example, by Internet video sites such as YouTube.

Characteristically dislocated and cavernous, the works on view span several generations, and highlight artists concerned with what Andrew V. Uroskie calls "unlearn[ing] disciplinary orthodoxies that have grown up to segregate the fields of film, video, performance, and installation." These works are situated "between the institutional dynamics of the movie theater's 'black box' and the museum's 'white cube'."

This exhibition features:
Peggy Ahwesh and Margie Strosser
aka Joey
Charles Atlas
Michel Auder
Ellen Cantor
Renée Green
Saul Levine
Luther Price
Elisabeth Subrin

Tags: Charles Atlas, Michel Auder, Ellen Cantor, Renée Green, Luther Price, Andrew V. Uroskie