Jim Shaw

24 May - 16 Sep 2007

© im Shaw, The Donner Party, Theatre backdrop painting, 12 covered wagons,
29 tabletop sculptures and campfire vacuum cleaner sculpture, Dimensions variable, 2003
"The Donner Party "

P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center is pleased to present the U.S. museum premiere of Jim Shaw's large-scale installation The Donner Party (2003). This ambitious work most directly references the Donner Party's ill-fated 1846 journey across the Sierra Nevada mountains in which they were caught in a blizzard and resorted to cannibalism. The installation contains a plethora of other references as well, to historical figures, religious movements, popular culture, and, pointedly, to Judy Chicago's 1979 installation The Dinner Party. The exhibition will be on view in the Third Floor Main Gallery from May 24 through September 16, 2007.

Tags: Judy Chicago, Jim Shaw