Minus Space

21 Oct 2008 - 04 May 2009

Minus Space
Installation view in P.S.1 Cafe, 2008
Photo: Matthew Septimus. Courtesy P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center
As part of the Fall 2008 International and National Projects, P.S.1 has invited Minus Space, a collective based in Brooklyn, New York, to present an exhibition of “reductive art”: art characterized by minimalism and abstraction in its use of monochromatic color, geometry, and pattern. As a movement concentrating on abstraction, Minus Space bucks the trend toward figuration that took hold in the 1990s. For P.S.1, Minus Space has brought together 54 artists working internationally, ranging from Australia to Brazil to New York City, for a dense and playful show in the Café.

Artists include Soledad Arias, Shinsuke Aso, Marcus Bering, Hartmut Böhm, Richard Bottwin, Sharon Brant, Michael Brennan, Henry Brown, Vicente Butron, Bibi Calderaro, Melanie Crader, Mark Dagley, Julian Dashper, Christopher Dean, Matthew Deleget, Lynne Eastaway, Gabriele Evertz, Daniel Feingold, Kevin Finklea, Linda Francis, Zipora Fried, Daniel Göttin, Julio Grinblatt, Billy Gruner, Terry Haggerty, Lynne Harlow, Gilbert Hsiao, Andrew Huston, Simon Ingram, Inverted Topology, Kyle Jenkins, Mick Johnson, Steve Karlik, Sarah Keighery, Andrew Leslie, Daniel Levine, Sylvan Lionni, Lotte Lyon, Gerhard Mantz, Rossana Martinez, Juan Matos Capote, Douglas Melini, Manfred Mohr, Salvatore Panatteri, Dirk Rathke, Karen Schifano, Analia Segal, Edward Shalala, Tilman, Li-Trincere, Jan van der Ploeg, Don Voisine, Douglas Witmer, and Michael Zahn.
Organized by P.S.1 Curatorial Advisor Phong Bui.

Tags: Hartmut Böhm, Julian Dashper, Daniel Feingold, Zipora Fried, Terry Haggerty, Sylvan Lionni, Gerhard Mantz, Douglas Melini, Manfred Mohr, Jan van der Ploeg, Michael Zahn