Marcin Maciejowski

24 May - 31 Jul 2014

Composition for a Small Space
24 May – 31 July 2014

This exhibition of Marcin Maciejowski’s latest work is a mature and sophisticated pain­terly study of com­positions – of how combinations of forms, colors, people, situations, and behavior enter into mutual relation­ships and generate the con­tent of a life.

Maciejow­ski analyzes the lan­guages of art – how pic­tures are con­struc­ted and who, what, and how one speaks about art. In Com­position for a Small Space the fourty-year-old artist takes on the avant-​garde – the protagonists in these pic­tures are young people stan­ding before key decisions in their art and lives. Ideas and inspirations, allian­ces, deals and conver­sations, face-​offs with the old masters and the myth of the artist, the Bohemian life – whether in its fin de siècle or hip­ster variety - emotional and roman­tic bonds, all of this is depic­ted in Marcin Maciejowski’s pic­tures with insight and sen­sitivity to detail.

The artist made his debut at the turn of the last cen­tury with pic­tures inspired by stories from the tabloid papers, using various topoi and figures from social and artistic life with remar­kable intuition. At the same time, his pain­ting has become increasin­gly vir­tuosic, as if naturally keeping step with the dynamically chan­ging quality and tech­nology of the digital images sur­roun­ding us, with their ever-improving resolution.

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